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The construction/renovation is almost completely finished up to the CASCO completion of the apartments. The new utilities, water, gas, electricity, are provided in the apartments following the existing implantation. All apartments have individual counters.


The castle was restored in its original state in cooperation with the "institution for the protection of monuments of Belgium".

The façade was sand-blasted and chalk-painted following the 18th century model.

The saddle-roof was completely dismantled upon which the structure was modified and the old windows replaced with new dormers. The roof was isolated and new suffers were placed.



All windows were replaced with new, windows, designed following the original plans and provided with super-isolating glass and modern locking systems.



The old and new chapel are now terraces.

The great industrial chimney and stairs were removed.


The adjoining house (which used to be the operation rooms when the castle was in use as a clinic) is now a duplex house with a large terras of 80m².

The basement can become a conciergerie.


All window openings were restored in its original state.


The awkward adjoining building on the right wing was demolished. Instead 9 underground parking spaces were built with direct access to the central stairs and elevator. The castle also has a visitor car park.

The elevator shaft from the clinic and hotel has been demolished and replaced with a new modern elevator.

The high castle walls and robust iron fences, as well as 2 automatic gates with video-phone technology give the castle owners privacy and peace. The park is provided with terraces, a common BBQ, tennis court and petanque. The orchard was replanted and 2 groups of deer help to maintain it. The park was re-designed for optimal comfort and minimum maintenance costs. The park lights provide safety and a romantic atmosphere. The fountains, which are visible from each apartment, add a fairy accent. The pond is fed with a large number of natural springs.

The evolution of the construction/renovation can be followed in the photo album.

The architect is Marc Bormans.

The safety coordination is done by Walter Suykens.

home - from old to new - plans - sales documents - history - contact - photo album
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