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The 18th century Castle of Neerijse and its domain has been protected by the "institution for the protection of monuments of Belgium" since 1978. The Castle was bought by NV Barones in 2003 and has been renovated into 9 high-quality castle-apartments (+/- 200m² per flat). A duplex house was added to the castle with a splendid view on the pond, the Austrian coach-house, the watermill house and the park.

NV Barones is the promotor of the project, specialized in the construction and renovation of high-quality apartments for a target group that aims on comfort and safe living. NV Barones has the support of partners with a rich knowledge as construction coordinator and specializes in project planning and financial management.

The safety coordination is supervised by Walter Suykens.

The architect is Marc Bormans.


It is situated at 7 minutes form Leuven and 20 minutes from Zaventem and Brussels (see plan).

Apartements with a beautiful view

There is a unique view from the apartments on the whole domain and green surroundings. The front of the Castle views on the beautifully decorated garden with fountains taxus hedges and the Austrian coach-house. The left wing views the pond which frequently houses herons searching for a fresh catch. The apartments in the back enjoy the rippling water from the Ijse and the watermill house. The right wing views the monumental park with its centuries old trees.

The Castle of Neerijse in the middle of a 230 hectare nature reserve

The Castle has a unique location, surrounded by an ocean of green and nearby the picturesque centre of Neerijse. It is situated in the green oasis of 230 ha where several rivers flow such as the Dijle, the Ijse, the Leiegracht and the Molenbeek. The Castle is surrounded by the nature reserve of the Doode Bembde; a warranty to continuous residence in the middle of pure nature. One can plan great walks to the Zoete Waters or the church of Neerijse with its two mysterious towers. Along the Prins de Bethunelaan bikers can join the vast trajectories of biking paths.

home - from old to new - plans - sales documents - history - contact - photo album
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